During the first week back this term, we all took part in our annual Wassail Ceremony. This has very much become part of our tradition here and was led, as always by Canon Still. It began with Canon Still reminding us about the meaning of the Wassail, how we prepare for the year and our relationship with all living things, before a short practice of the Somerset and the Yorkshire Wassail Carols.

We then went outside very quietly so we could catch any diseases unaware! We stood around our Bramley Apple tree and juice was poured on its roots. After saying a rhyme, we sent the sprites on their way and awakened the trees from their winter slumber by shouting and making a huge amount of noise – tins, pans, whistles, sticks and rattles, as well as bells and percussion instruments were involved! We toasted the tree with apple juice and some of our younger children hung toast on its branches. A blessing was shared, before we sang the Wassail carols. Back inside the school hall, we all shared Epiphany/Wassail cake. It was lovely to be joined by some of our families and Governors for this very enjoyable event.