In our modern world there is no escaping technology, and there are lots of ways in which the computer chip has improved our lives. From its simple beginnings the computer chip is now used to control robots in factories, to help fly planes, to operate your mobile phone and even these days to operate your toothbrush!

However, the abundance of technology is not without its problems. Large organisations have had their websites attacked, people have received emails asking them for their bank details and people have used technology to send unkind messages to other people.

At Buckland Newton Primary School, we are always thinking about the best ways of keeping ourselves safe when using computers, games consoles or even mobile phones. We have had visits from the SSCT who have talked about some of the latest apps and games that are good to use and also ones that we might want to avoid.

If you would like to know more about how to keep yourself or your family safer, then please take a look at the latest newsletters from the Safer Internet organisation, by clicking on the links below. Visiting the Stop Think and Think U Know websites are both worth a look at too, as they have information about simple steps you can take to improve the safety of all users of modern technology.

Click for information about Safer Internet Day February 2020

Click to see our school’s E-Safety Policy