Physical Education - Sport Premium Money

The Government has  provided extra money to all schools which has to be used specifically on developing Physical Education. This is known as Sport Premium Money.

In 2016/17 the school was awarded £8337.

We decided after the success of the KS1 Fitness Club, and to help us towards attaining the School Games Silver Award that we would use a proportion of the money to bring in Specialist PE staff to run an after school KS2 club. Which has also proved to be popular.

This year we wanted to develop the role of Playground Leaders. To allow this to happen we used Sport Premium Money to cover the supply and transport costs, so that six children could attend a Playground Leaders Course. We have already seen the benefit, as the leaders are much more involved with helping organise PE activities in the school. They have taken responsibility for a Sports Notice Board. They have created a playground Rota so that children across the school can engage in fun playground games. On the 1st March, they will be running their first Level 1 competition.

This academic year we wanted to develop the sport of table tennis. A large portion of the money that we received has been allocated to clearing away a muddy area of the playground so that we could install an outdoor table tennis table. To help develop the sport further we have brought in new table tennis tables and table tennis table tops to allow children from all year groups to access the sport. In the first six weeks of the Spring Term the KS2 After School Club has run a table tennis club. The next step will be for our Playground Leaders to run a Level 1 competition in this event.

We continue to feel that swimming is an important life skill, and consequently continue to use Sport Premium money to help with the transport costs. for the Years 4 to Year 6 to swim at Sherborne Sports Centre.

We also intend to use Sport Premium Money to allow the Year 5/6 children to undertake activities that they do not get the opportunity to take part in. The children will spend the day sailing, climbing and caving, under the specialist instruction of Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre staff.

As a school we recognise that we need to develop the provision of dance, and we are going to use Sport Premium money to buy in a dance specialist to deliver lessons, which will also help develop the level of teaching in our school.

We are also using Sport Premium Money to allow the PE Coordinator to attend relevant courses, and PLT meetings so that they are familiar with all the latest changes and initiatives in P.E.

We didn't get the chance to buy in new kit in the last academic year, so we will make sure that we use Sport Premium money to replace our tired kit by the end of this academic year.

In 2015/16 the school was awarded £8359.

We are wanting to use the Sport Premium money to help us improve storage so that we can make better use of our hall. We also want to focus on the teaching of dance and replace our aging football posts.

At the moment there is no cycle training in the school, and so we are going to use some of our allocated money to develop children's cycling skills.

We worked hard to gain our Schools Games Bronze Award last year. We are now wanting to achieve Silver! We have looked at how we could encourage a wider group of children to take part in a healthy activities. It was decided that we could use some Sport Premium Money to fund an after School fitness club run by Mrs. Mitchell, who is also the person who 'Wakes and Shakes' us on a Friday morning!  The club has been very popular with the KS1 children.

The school takes part in a lot of different tournaments and our sports kit is looking well used, but tired! So this year we are going to take the opportunity to purchase some new kit.

In the year 2014/15, the school was allocated £8722.

After attending a conference, consulting with staff and pupils and talking with colleagues from schools within the pyramid, Buckland Newton Primary School decided to use the money that it has been allocated in a variety of ways.

It was agreed by the heads of the cluster schools that a portion of the money should be used to retain the SSCO, as this enables the local schools to maintain high levels of competition for its pupils. Last year pupils from our school competed against other schools in football, rugby, netball, cross country, aquathlon, cricket, rounders and athletics. We were also lucky enough to qualify for the Dorset Quad Kids event. In the next year we are adding two new competitive events to our sporting calendar, basketball and hockey.

The school has also used the opportunity to replace aging equipment such as the tennis nets and bring in new equipment to allow us to undertake new sports such as volleyball. We were also conscious that much of our existing equipment was geared to the upper primary age range, so we have now bought in cones to allow the KS1 children to compete at hurdles and size 3 balls to help them improve their confidence and skills.

The school feels that swimming is an important life skill, and arranges for the Years 4 to Year 6 to swim at Sherborne Sports Centre and have used some of the Sport Premium money to help with the transport costs.

In order to maintain and improve on the level of teaching of P.E. in the school Sport Premium money has been used to allow both KS1 and KS2 staff to attend separate training courses on the teaching of gymnastics.

We have also wanted to use the money to help us look at the health aspects of Physical Education and arranged for the Life Education Van to visit the school.