Bronze Ambassadors - 4th November


On the 4th November, 6 children headed off to the Purbeck Sports Centre. They were the Buckland Newton Sport Leaders, who were taking part in a Bronze Ambassadors course, that would help them think about how to develop sport within their school. As you can see in the photographs below the children attended different workshops. The first was to encourage the Sport Leaders to think about different porgrammes and activities that they could introduce into the school. The second workshop was to think about the importance of communication and the afternoon workshops got the children to think about some different games that could be played in school, and also how easy it was to create your own games. This was particularly interesting for Mr. Scotchmer, as it was led by Charlie and James, who were former pupils of his!


The Sport Leaders have been very busy since returning from the course, and have now created a Rota of activities to be played on the playground. They have also presented an assembly to the whole school, where they told the children of their plans and also encouraged the them to think about the ideas for improving games and sport in school.