Messy Church - 14th October


On the afternoon of the 14th of October, the whole school gathered in the hall to take part in Messy Church. Around the hall there were lots of different creative activites that were based around the idea of fishing and fun games that you might play if you visited the seaside. This was because at the start of the afternoon the children heard the story of how Jesus had been fishing with Peter on the Sea of Galilee and how, after catching many fish, he invited Peter and his friends to follow him. As you can see from the photographs below, the children had a wonderful time decorating pebbles, colouring fish which they placed in a net, and winning prizes from a hoopla stall. The afternoon ended with a snack and a drink and the children even had the chance to eat their delicious fish shaped biscuits, that they had also beautifully decorated.

The school would like to say a big THANK YOU to the volunteers who gave up their time and made it such a wonderful experience for everyone who took part.