General Election - 9th June


Unlike the real General Election, voters at Buckland Newton had a clear winner, and that was the Green Party. Who  nearly had more than double the amount of votes of the nearest rival the Liberal Democrats. In third place were the Conservatives.


On the morning of the 7th June candidates from each party, gathered in the school hall to put forward their manifestos. It was possibly the Green Party's commitment to get rid of SATs for Year 6 children that had an influence on the final outcome. However, each party also outlined what they would do on health, immigration, education and defence. After presenting their points the children then took questions from the floor. Interestingly the potential voters wanted to know about the building of homes and whether the Trident nuclear programme should go ahead. One very perceptive voter asked whether the parties could be trusted and would they deliver all that they had promised!


The ballot box was brought round to each classroom, and the children posted very professional looking ballot papers in the box. It would be very interesting to know whether in future years the children will still vote for the parties that they voted for in our pretend election.