Leeson House - 8th June


On Thursday 8th June, the Year 4 children joined other Year 4 children from Bradford Abbas and Bishops Caundle to visit Studland Beach and Leeson House.


On a windswept and at times damp morning, Duncan, who is a member of the Leeson House staff, explained the features of Old Harry Rocks and how they were formed. He then asked the group to stand in a long line and link arms. This was not, as you might think to perform a dance, instead he turned the group into one long wave, and showed them how wave action can form a beach. After a beach comb along the strand line, the children then learnt how marram grass is vital to the dune system that lies behind Studland Beach.


We then relocated to Leeson House for a well earned lunch, and then spent the afternoon carrying out an orienteering activity around the grounds of Leeson House. The winning team got to hold up a large piece of fools gold as their prize. The losing team were threatened with holding a large piece of fossilised dinosaur pooh. As it turned out all the children wanted to hold it! They also had the chance to investigate a rock from Scotland that was dated as being 3.5 billion years old.


All the children had a wonderful time and enjoyed the experience so much, that they asked if they could go back again.

We would like to say a big THANKYOU to Duncan, who braved the elements and made the day so enjoyable.