Sports Day


In the days leading up to Sports Day the weather had been incredibly hot, and we were worried that it would be too hot for serious completive racing. As it turned out, we need not have worried as the 23rd June turned out to be a day that was warm, but one that had plenty of cloud cover.

Four years ago the Red team won the sports day shield, then it was the Yellow team and then Blue. Last year Red team won the shield again and many children in the school thought that they would win it again this year.

As y
ou can see in the photographs below the children really enjoy the experience of sports day, but they also take the races seriously and put in a lot of effort to try and win. At one stage in the afternoon there was only one point separating the teams. After a hotly contested Waiter Waiter race the final points were added and this year's winners were ... the Blue team! I wonder if the pattern will continue and the Yellow team will win the shield next year?!


Thanks as always are due to FBNS who kindly provided refreshments,

and also a well deserved ice lolly for the competitors at the end of the event.