Oak Class

Year 3 & 4 Spring Term 2019

I am pleased to report that we have had another good start to the term. Once refocused, they are already working hard again! Spellings will be tested on a Monday and a new set will be sent out on the same day if they have been successful. If not, children repeat the current set. We are still using the same spelling framework which works alongside the Phonics Phases.

Homework will be sent out on a Friday and will need to be completed by the following Wednesday. The Maths homework will be mainly set online, through the ActiveLearn website. English homework will be in children’s Homework books and linked to the unit being covered in class.

Our timetabled PE days will be a Monday and Friday. Please can children leave their PE bags on their pegs in the cloakroom for the whole half-term. I will however let you know if it needs to be washed in the meantime.
Please could everyone have a water bottle for during the school day – it is extremely important!

Please can I remind you that reading with your child is hugely important so please find time to read daily with them. Enjoy sharing your child’s book. Don’t feel you have to read the whole book, just a few pages, and then ask questions to enrich their understanding.

First thing in the morning is always very busy in our class, so if you would like to discuss something at any length, please could you make an appointment to meet with me. I am usually available after school, once I have made sure the children who travel on the bus are safely on their way.

This term we will continue to write some weekly recounts to encourage extended writing but they may be formed in a variety of ways. Within our units for the first half of this term we have started to look at The Grotlyn – a mysterious text. Then we will be looking at non-chronological reports and traditional poetry. For the second half we will be looking at Stories about imaginary worlds, recount texts and performance poems.

The children will be following the primary curriculum for Maths. We will focus on the use of number, exploring shape, space and measures and handling data.

We will be studying Forces and Magnets this term. We will be planning experiments and making predictions,
ready to carry out the experiments in class!

In Geography the children will be studying Coastal Environments – investigating and exploring our local coastline.In History we will be studying the Anglo-Saxons and Scots. This unit will teach us about the invasions in the 5th century, where the invading troops came from, how the Anglo-Saxons influenced the English language, about life in Anglo-Saxon Britain in a typical village, what jobs people did and explore the beliefs of the early Anglo-Saxons.

We have Premier Sports on Mondays where this term’s games activities will be basketball and multi-skills. On Fridays swimming will continue (Year 4 only) until half term. Then we will be continuing with developing teamwork, hand-eye co-ordination and competitiveness through a variety of games and skill sessions.

The children will be working with the Charanga Programme with Mrs Leather. We will also be learning the ukulele!

In Computing we will be studying the importance of the Internet and how it provides us with lots of information, helping us when researching. The children will also be working with Mrs Sage on a Friday afternoons developing more Computing skills.

Art and Design
Our Art and Design Technology work will be led by Mrs Ralph and will follow the focus of our topics and yearly calendar events as well as NC skills and knowledge.

Design and Technology
The children will be designing, creating, making and fixing with an emphasis on textiles using a range of tools and equipment.

The first theme for this half term is ‘Dreams and Goals’ using the Jigsaw program. Then the second theme for the Spring term is ‘Healthy Me’ which we will link to our P.E too. P.S.H.C.E skills are taught throughout all areas of the curriculum, especially in R.E.

The first half term will be spent investigating the people of God. We will be asking ‘What is it like to follow God?’ Later in the term our focus will be on Salvation. We will be asking ‘What do Christians believe?’

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