Willow Class

Year 5 & 6 Spring Term 2019

We are continuing to take a cross-curricular approach to our lessons and as such, our main topic will be ‘The Blitz.’ We will also be delving into the world of Mapping and Ordnance Survey. Our Christian values this term are ‘Courage’ and ‘Forgiveness’.

Year 6
As the Year 6 SATs examinations draw nearer (week beginning 13th May), homework expectations will increase. Additional targeted pieces of homework will be set for your child; these are intended to reinforce classroom learning, but not be too onerous. The children will soon receive their revision books and will need to be well-organised and committed to completing homework. I have no doubt at all that they are capable of this! Please feel free to assist your child if required, but initial the work so I know that some support has been given. Thank you.

Year 5
Homework expectations for Year 5 will remain unchanged – daily reading, weekly Spelling, Maths and English homework. P.E. will take place on Mondays when children will need warm, outdoor PE kit and swimming will continue to take place on Fridays. Please encourage your child to take responsibility for having the right kit and equipment in school on the correct day. The accountability lies solely with them. You will have now received initial details about the Summer Residential trip to Barton Hall; more information will follow. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop in.  We will be holding a whole school Spirituality Day on 5th March. Again, details will follow.  We will also be taking part in World Book Day in early March. Another busy term…

Quality upper KS2 picture books
The Boy in the Tower, The Island, The Wretched Stone, Tales from Outer Suburbia, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Letter writing and story openings
Descriptive and persuasive writing
Instructional texts
Information texts and explanations
Chronological writing
Persuasive writing
Journalistic writing
Grammar, punctuation and spelling
Inference and deduction

Topics include: place value, written calculation methods, decimals and fractions, 2 and 3D shape and angles, measurements and written multiplication, mixed calculations and word problems. Practice written papers and Arithmetic SATs papers will be worked through periodically to allow children to become familiar with exam-style questions and exam techniques (Y6 only).

We have Premier Sports on Mondays where this term’s games activities will be basketball and multi-skills. On Fridays swimming will continue until half term. We will then be continuing with developing teamwork, hand-eye co-ordination and competitiveness through a variety of games and skill sessions.

The life and works of Benjamin Britten –
We will be learning the New Year Carol using instruments and vocal activities.
Computing E-safety
We will then move on to use the Scratch program to design mini-games for the other children in our class to play.

Christianity Creation/Fall – Creation or Science: conflicting or complimentary?
Salvation – What difference does the resurrection make to Christians?
Whole School Christian Values of ‘Courage’ and ‘Forgiveness’

Design Technology
WW2 – designing, building and evaluating an Anderson Shelter
Food technology – World War Two recipes

The focus will be art that portrays images of WW2.
We will experiment with colour, silhouette, chalk drawings, detailed pencil sketches.

Going For Goals
Knowing myself, setting a realistic goal, planning to reach a goal, perseverance and making a choice
Being Me in My World
Understanding my feelings
Managing my feelings

Mapping skills
Children will use an index to find a place name, find the correct page in an atlas by using the index, explain why maps have symbols on them, recognise some map symbols on an Ordnance Survey map, give co-ordinates by going across first and then up, find a location from 4 figure coordinates, find similarities and differences between photographs and maps of the same location

WW2 continued with a specific focus on The Blitz and D Day

Evolution and Inheritance Living Things – the children will be exploring the classification system devised by Carl Linneaus and using the system to identify different animals and plants from near and far. A new animal has been discovered – can the children employ their newly-honed classification skills to identify it? They will also be investigating Darwin’s theory of evolution by researching adaptations and mutations of animals over the years. Can they design an animal that will succeed in the ‘Game of Survival’?
Properties of Change – children will help solve everyday issues caused by the amazing array of material properties. Do they know their thermal insulators from their thermal conductors? Can they find the best materials to keep liquid warm? Investigative work.

Greetings and Family – through written, spoken work and drama. French culture, culture, cuisine songs and traditions.

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