Becoming a Governor

A governor is one member of a public body which is responsible for the well-being of the school. The governors are accountable to the parents, the local community and, as a voluntary controlled church school, to the Diocese. As a body the governors accept the principles of good governance, both as individuals and corporately, as the governing body.

Governors are accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community:

They plan the school’s future direction
They select the Headteacher
They make decisions about the school’s budget and staffing
They make sure a broad range of subjects is taught, that meet legal requirements and ensure that the school provides for all its pupils, including any with special needs.

Governors are at the heart of how a school operates, and the governing body’s main role is to help raise standards of achievement.

As well as helping the school agree and maintain standards by setting and monitoring targets and planning for the future, the governors also help the school to respond to the needs of parents and the wider community, and they are a friend to the school, offering support and advice.

All governors (except for one Foundation Governor) serve for a period of four years and may stand for re-selection if so qualified. There is no upper age limit to membership of the Governing Body.

Other main requirements applicable to all governors are that they cannot be on more than two governing bodies; must not have been disqualified from working with children; must not be subject to the Company Directors, Charity Commission or Mental Health Disqualification Acts or have served a recent prison term of over three months. All successful candidates are also subject to a check being made on them with the Criminal Records Bureau.

Vacancies on the Governing Body have to be advertised not only to parents of the school’s pupils but also throughout the area by a variety of means.

Governors bring a wide variety of expertise from their professions and backgrounds. To complement your existing skills and expertise, Dorset runs very good training schemes on the aspects of governors’ work.