Everyone understands why children are in a hurry to get out of our school at the end of the day and run across the road, its because we are so close to a wonderful play park. However, Neil Lovejoy from the Road Safe Team and Alison Dennison our local PSCO visited our school and explained to us that in fact the first thing we should do before we cross a road is STOP.

As you can see from the photographs below, Neil called on several volunteers to show us how we should use the Green Cross Code to cross the road safely.  Before crossing we should always STOP LOOK LISTEN and THINK, even if at a pelican crossing the green person is lit up. Neil pointed out that in an age of the quiet electric car appearing on our streets thinking is really important.

Neil also reminded us that when walking on roads that have no pavement we should always walk towards oncoming traffic, and in the darker months we should always wear something that has high visibility.

Alison reminded us of the time that she had a nasty accident on her bicycle and how it was only the fact that she was wearing a helmet that she didn’t get very seriously injured.

The assembly was very informative and we hope that the next time you see someone super excited to get across the road,  that you will remind them to use the Green Cross Code so that they get to the other side safely.