On a gloriously sunny day, a group of 9 children took part in the annual Sherborne Schools Rounders Competition.

What we soon found out was that our team were brilliant at hitting the ball, but that we were not so good at catching it! Mr. Jared who kindly organised the event brought in a new rule that awarded a rounder to every catch that was made. So even though we hit as many, and sometimes even more than our opposition, we ended up losing every match because other teams were able to catch us out but we weren’t able to reciprocate! We didn’t mind as we all enjoyed the experience and it has now given us skill that we need to work on.

Thanks are due to Mrs Durston, who booked the Terraces for us to use, Mr Jared for organising the event and the Gryphon Sports Leaders who did a brilliant job of umpiring the matches.