The children of Buckland Newton School are always being reminded of ways to keep themselves safe when using mobile and computer based technology, so it was no surprise that they had lots of brilliant answers when they gathered in the hall to celebrate Safer Internet Day. The theme this year was about how the internet is a great tool for communicating with both your family and friends and how it can also be a fun way of playing with your friends as well. In the assembly we talked about how though it can be possible to upset people, for example by posting a silly picture of a friend on social media without their permission. The children came up with some very good answers as to why this would be bad and also what they should do if someone had posted a picture of themselves without permission.

After the assembly the children did some follow up activities which helped them think about how they could have fun using modern technology but also how they should keep themselves safe.

If you would like to see a pdf version of the assembly then please click on the Safer Internet Day logo below.

Safer Internet Day