SEND (Special educational needs and disablilty) Information

At Buckland Newton Primary School every child is valued. We treat each child as an individual and strive to put in place provision to allow all children to progress well. We have a successful history of working with children with SEND to help them realise their full potential.

By clicking on the buttons below, you can find out more find information about our Local Offer and our SEND policies.

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Local Offer SEND Policy SEND Information Pupil Premium
At Buckland Newton every child is valued. Clicking on the above button will open a document that explains how in our school we work with children with SEND to help them achieve their full potential. Clicking on the above button will open up a PDF document, which explains in more detail how we identify and then provide for children with special educational needs and disability. Clicking on the above button will give you information on how the school meets the needs of all pupils. Pupil Premium Funding is additional money given by the government. If you would like to see how Buckland Newton School allocates the money that is given, then please click on the button above.
Accessibility Plan Behaviour Policy medical conditions  
The Accessibility Plan sets out how the school makes arrangements to  allow everyone to access both its facilities and the curriculum. Our behaviour policy outlines how both pupils and staff are responsible for making our school a safe and enjoyable place for  all. Clicking on the above button opens up a PDF document that sets out the school's policy for supporting children with medical conditions.