Year 3 enjoyed a ‘hands on history’ day at Carymoor, enabling them to experience for themselves, the techniques and materials used by Celtic craftspeople during the Iron Age. Their Crafty Celts day included: investigating a replica roundhouse and answering questions such as: what is it made of? How was it built and what would it be like to live in? Year 3 also built their own mini-roundhouses using natural materials and used some Carymoor willow to weave some wattle panels to bring back to school. They also dressed up as Celts, wore fabulous face paint designs in keeping with the time and cooked bread over an open fire! As it was a joint trip with other schools in our cluster, there were opportunities to make new friends and to build on existing teamwork skills. Behaviour, as always, was impeccable and both staff and children enjoyed the day thoroughly – fine weather was also a benefit!